Above Franklin Street, a Sign is Reborn

On Sunday, September 23rd, Dmitry “Mitch” Pankov and Collin Scotese of Overall Murals painted a new sign for W.H. Christian & Sons, a Greenpoint company that opened in 1924. Overall also created the Tom Lawless Whiskey mural on North 11th Street in Williamsburg, and has worked on projects for the Whitney Bienniale, the Jewish Museum, and various restaurants and cafés in New York.

Mitch, who owns the business with his partner, Angel Saemai, has a background in studio art and graffiti. He prefers the traditional look of hand-painted work to that of vinyl signs, which are less expensive to make.

I asked Mitch how often he’s painting these days. It turns out that the regular workweek can’t accommodate all of his projects. “It’s Sunday,” he said, laughing.

Work in progress

Mitch and Collin work on the sign for W.H. Christian & Sons, Inc., a Greenpoint business, on Sunday, September 23rd.

Outlining the i

Collin, who studied art history in college, began working for Overall after Mitch painted a sign at the restaurant where Collin’s brother is a chef.

Mitch at work

Mitch, who went to art school in Russia, enjoys the projects that present new challenges.

Bricks are holey

The surface of brick is “super porous” and recessed, Mitch said. Painting on it creates a traditional effect.

Shapes and words

Collin and Mitch work side by side above the southern end of Franklin Street in Greenpoint.

(‘Nuff said.)

The work progresses

The work progresses into the mid-afternoon.

Final elements

Working solo near day’s end, Mitch adds light green lines to the sign.

Time for a look

Mitch descends to the street to have a look.

Taking it in

The artist takes it in.

Outlining the numbers

By applying charcoal dust through porous paper, Mitch outlines W.H. Christian & Sons’ phone number on the yellow oval.

A sign reborn

The nearly finished sign above Franklin Street. Mitch returned the following morning to complete the job.

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